Our Center is open year round.

We are currently licensed for 77 children and we have 6 classrooms. Our staff ratio is  1:3 in our infant rooms, 1:6 in our two year old room, and 1:10 in our three, four and Pre-K classrooms.

We offer FT care only up until the age of 2 and then full day options of T/Th, M/W/F or the full week in our 2,3,4, and Pre-K classrooms.

Tuition & Fees for Full Time Students 

$1516.00 per month 6 weeks - 11 months
$1299.00 per month 12 months - 23 months
$1084.00 per month 2 years (and those 3-5 not yet potty trained)
$1020.00 per month 3 - 5 years 

Payment is due on the seventh of the month. Tuition received after the due date will be subject to a $40 late fee.  

In addition to tuition, there is an annual $95 activity fee payable on the child's anniversary date, which covers school supplies and enrichment activities for the year. 

We also ask for a two week deposit up front which will go toward the child's last two weeks at the Center, provided two weeks notice is given.

We offer a 10% sibling discount to the oldest child.

Please call or email the Center for availability.